Best External Filters for Aquariums


The Best External Filters for Aquariums20160402_111759[1]

There are many good filters you can use for your aquarium. Some are better than others and your application is a large determining factor. There are huge benefits to having an external filtration system that include ease of maintenance and a clean look to your aquarium. This is an area of your aquarium that you have to pay close attention to and are going to have to spend a few extra dollars.

Canister Filters

Canister filters are becoming more popular and are definitely coming down in price. It seems like everyday there are more and more on the market and with more capabilities. In essence a canister filter is a pump that sits on a bucket. That bucket is filled with baskets that hold your filter media. The water from the aquarium flows down the hose and into the 20160623_011137[1]filter. That is the intake and in goes the whole way through the baskets without contacting the filter media. Then the water flows upward through the filter media being drawn through with the pump and back into your aquarium. That is the out that flows from the filter to your tank.

What Makes a Filter Good  

There are a few things that makes one filter better that another. Of course there is the pump. This is the most important, without this nothing else matters. Then the seal of the canister because you don’t want water running everywhere. The dirty tank water should not contact the filter media until it has reached the bottom and flows upward. The seals that lead to the bottom are important because you don’t want unfiltered water mixing with the filter water. Finally there is the amount of baskets in the filter. This is determined by your application and what size system you have.

In my opinion Penn Plax and Marineland are the best commercial canister filters. They are a little more in price than something like a Sun Sun, but no where near as expensive as some of the German made filters. This is what I run on my aquariums. They are easy to care for and very reliable.