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I Noticed This Earlier……20160607_224542[1]

I thought I noticed this little anemone on a rock a few weeks ago but wasn’t sure. It disappeared for a while and showed up here.



It’s an Anemone

This is Aiptasia, also known as Appy or glass anemone. These are not the bubble tips or pretty little anems. They are like all anemones, preditors. They feed on the zooxanthellate. Which is exactly where it turned up. My first 2 attempte to remove it has been a failure.

Update on the Aiptasia….

Since the pos20160622_183854[1]t originally started I have puchased pepperment shrimp. They dipatched the anemone that was in my zoas in a couple of days. There is still one that I can see but it is not in any of my corals. This one is huge compared to the other in the zoas. I hope the shrimp can tackle this on.



Pepperment Shrimp

Pepperment shrimp are natural preditors of the glass anemone. I bought 2 of them for my 55 gallon reef aquarium. I thought one had died the second day because I seen it’s molted shell laying on the bottom of the tank. The onething 20160622_184339[1]that I don’t like about them is that they do not come out in the day. They are nocturnal and hde in the rocks until dark. They are pretty cool though because they move all around the tank at night and clean up.

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