Marine Aquarium Lighting


There are several kinds of lighting out there for marine setups. When I first started there was no LED lighting. If you wanted good lighting you had to combine high output fluorescent and halogen. Now there is a variety of lighting to choose from. Whatever way you want to go, I don’t recommend you try to save money here and go to Walmart. This is an essential part of your syste20160316_110049m and for a reef tank good lighting is a must.



There are still some good options with halogen. They also give a fantastic shimmering effect in your aquarium. Of course you want to pay attention to the spectrum and try to find a quality bulb. That is definitely is a specialty store item. The big draw back is the amount of heat they put off. Be sure to leave plenty of space between the lights and the aquarium or you might run into overheating problems.


Led light is by far in my opinion is the best lighting source today. You can get lighting systems with specific spectrum’s with timers and different lighting situations. They also give off little heat so they wont heat up your water.

This is the lighting system I personally use. Of course every system is different and lighting needs are specific so research or just ask here.