Red Sea

I’m going to talk about several products here the first one is “Red Sea” marine salt. I used Instant Ocean for over 10 years and swore by it. Recently I switched to Red Sea because of a conversation I had with a new store owner. This gentlemen is amazing at coral fragging . It is much cheaper from Amazon than from the store I got it from


About the salt…

Red Sea has all the essential minerals and foundation elements needed for good coral growth. The measuring is a little different that what I am used to with this product . I am used to cups per gallon this is done by wei20160328_144045[1]ght. It has been about 6 weeks since I changed and can tell a difference all ready. The mix has 450 ppm of calcium, 1340 ppm of magnesium, and the proper PH. I find that I have to add less things to my tank and my corals are exploding in growth. The mix keeps the conditions good for the coral to use the calcium in the water  With a 10% water change a week its easier to manage essential elements.

My Tank

The picture on the right is of my aquarium. You can see the clove polyp closed up on one of the frog spawn tentacles. I didn’t even realize the had gotten that close, the frog spawn has only been in there a couple of weeks and was a good 5 inches apart.





What can I say about Kent. The question is what can I not say about Kent. This stuff is amazing. Believe me when I say I have used many products over the years and have had a lot of failure. Kent is fantastic, it does what it says and doesn’t hurt corals or invertebrates at all. I had a huge Bubble Tip Anemone get sucked into the intake of my filter. I woke up to water so cloudy you couldn’t see through it. After changing around 40% of the water and used Kent ammonia lock over the next few days and did’t loose a single piece of coral or fish.