Saltwater Aquarium Kits

Complete Saltwater Aquarium Kits

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20160225_172311Today I am going to talk about saltwater aquarium kits. There are several different kits out you can purchase. From little nano aquariums to huge 800 plus gallon reefs. Regardless of how you go there should be several ways to filter the water and a good lighting system in the kit. Know what you want to stock BEFORE you buy. For example, if you plan on keeping corals your going to need much more intense lighting than you would for fish. In addition to better water flow and so on.

Advantages of Complete Saltwater Aquarium Kits

Of course your getting everything you need all in one purchase. Most all of them come with instructions of what else you will need for a successful aquarium. There are really nice systems out there that have everything already rated for the size aquarium they are on and tell you how much stock you can support. The filtration system is concealed and the system has a nice clean look. This saves you from having to run pluming, hide your sump, and rating parts for your aquarium size. In addition, everything is in a neat package and you don’t have to run around everywhere looking for certain parts. There are may different types at many different price and size ranges.

Red Sea SaltwAmazonater Aquarium Kits

Red Sea has it hands down when it comes to complete saltwater aquarium kits. They have some of the absolute best lighting systems I have ever seen. I have seen several of these systems in operation and am always amazed that it came in a kit. There are a few manufacturers of marine aquarium kits and most of them are good systems. It is kind of like comparing your families Ford Taurus to a Ferrari. Sure the Ford is a good vehicle and does what is supposed to but the Ferrari does it all better. Red Sea is the same thing. These aquariums are offered in multiple sizes and shapes and cubes. From long rectangles to square cubes there is something for any situation.



A major disadvantage is that some saltwater aquarium kits do not come with everything that you may wish to run in your aquarium. A good example of this is a UV light. It may not seem like that big of a deal but remember that saltwater is a superconductor. Wiring in a piece of equipment into a kit might not be a good idea. Putting it on the back of the tank may need some modifications and putting something in the tank defeats the purpose of the all in one kit and the clean look you bought. Another disadvantage in my opinion, is that in a kit you get good equipment, but your not picking out what may be in your opinion better equipment. My son has a nano system and loves it and I have seen several Red Sea systems and they are amazing. The lighting cast a ripple effect on the inside of your tank that is just like the ocean. Red Sea did a fantastic job with light spectrum and filtration. I have to tip my hat to them. This is not a review for Red Sea Reefer I just got distracted. The point is that when you build your own system you know exactly what everything is. If you want a little bigger filter or your system has things that have specific needs. Here is a link to my Store.  Please feel free to look around and research some products. there are complete saltwater tank kits and everything you would need to build a successful reef aquarium.

My Setup

Currently I have a 55 gallon reef tank.


Bio-filter is 70 lbs of live rock

Marineland bio-wheel Penguin 350 rated 75 gallons20160402_111759[1]

Penn-Plax Cascade 700 canister filter rated for 65 gallon

under gravel filter

TMS 150 gallon protein skimmer

SunSun JUP-23/13W  75 gallon (UV light)


Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED 48-60 inch

Are you serious…

I know it’s overkill and you will read on the web not to have 2 filters running. Let me tell you why I do it. I am not rich and cannot afford to replace corals they get wiped out because an anemone gets sucked into one of the filters. Which has happened. I can run the aquarium on the other filter if I have to tear down one of them.