Saltwater Aquarium LED Lighting

LED lightLED Lighting for Marine Aquariums

One of the many uses for modern LED lighting is in the marine aquarium hobby. Saltwater aquarium LED lighting comes in a variety of applications and price points. These lights come in any spectrum you would ever need. They also are very intense lights along with their efficiency makes them an excellent choice for the hobbyist.

Benefits of LED Lights

As I mentioned before the intense light in the correct spectrum is a huge benefit. They also generate very little heat for their size. Of course their efficiency makes them a lot less expensive to operate. LED lighting is also compact and takes up very little space and have a clean look to them.

Some of the Drawbacks to LED’s ….

LED 2In my opinion one of the major drawbacks to LED lighting is the lack of shimmer on the aquarium. When your in the ocean the sunlight has a shimmer effect on the bottom of clear water. Some of this is the wave action which you can mimic in your system. In order to achieve this with LED’s you have to get them up and away from the water. When you do this the light is less directed into the tank and shines everywhere.

Combination Lighting

Yet another option is using a combination of lighting. This is what I did in my first aquarium. I had good results and fantastic coral growth. It wasn’t a combination of LED’s but the concept is the same. Combining LED’s and T5 HO lighting you can achieve any light spectrum and effect you want.